Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Girl Scouts Debut New Cookie Flavor: Caramel Chocolate Chip

January 3, 2019

It's officially Girl Scout Cookie Season! The Scouts recently announced the arrival of their newest cookie, Caramel Chocolate Chip, and we couldn't be more excited.

It's described it as, "Rich caramel, semisweet chocolate chips, and a hint of sea salt in a chewy cookie. However you want to describe it, put chocolate and caramel in the same sentence and we're in. Not that you were wondering but a single serving (3 cookies) will set you back 170 calories, 12 grams of sugar and 8 grams of fat.

The Gluten-free Caramel Chocolate Chip cookies will only be offered in select markets as long as supplies last. Find out where they're being sold by clicking here.

Now that you're hungry and need a few chewy treats, get all cookie related details here.