Why Do Kids Go Back to School Before Labor Day?

August 17, 2018

By Yasmin Cortez / Nicole Slater

Is Summer really over?

Labor Day Weekend used to be the perfect ending of a long well-deserved summer, but now some school districts like Los Angeles Unified School District and Orange County Unified School District are opening their doors to students as early as the second week of August.

But why?

Here are some of the hidden benefits to starting school early:

  • An early start lets students complete their first semester before the Winter break as opposed to taking end of the semester tests after the two weeks off.
  • Teachers need to prepare students before statewide assessment tests in the spring and the extra time gives them an advantage on their tests.
  • Many college bound seniors take college prep classes in the Summer and ending school around Memorial day provides less conflits for them.

Do you think school should start before Labor Day?