Corey Feldman Hospitalized After Allegedly Being Stabbed

March 28, 2018

Actor Corey Feldman was stabbed overnight here in LA. It happened at 10:45pm on the corner of Ventura Blvd and Reseda according to the LAPD.

He's currently in the hospital after being stabbed by a man who was allegedly seeking revenge over his decision to expose an alleged Hollywood pedophile ring.

Feldman took to twitter this morning to tell his story.

Feldman shared a pair of snap shots of himself in the hospital claiming that a man opened his car door at the red light and stabbed him with something long and sharp while his security guards who were in the car with him were distracted.

He writes, "I'm in the hospital, I was attacked tonight when a man opened my car door and stabbed me with something. Please say prayers for us."

Corey calls the attackers the "wolfpack" adding "I have mounting threats on all social media platforms by the vile Wolfpack and I'm sure this is a result of those negative actions. I have reasons to believe it's all connected, enough is enough. How sick r these ppl!?"

Feldman then linked the attack, which the LAPD is investigating as an attempted homicide to his recent decision to speak out about that rampant sexual abuse that he says has haunted his friends careers for decades.

According to the LAPD media relations department, there are no leads as of yet and they say "there were no visible laceration on Corey's abdomen." 

Very odd don't you think?