The Internet Needs To Know - Who Bit Beyonce?

March 28, 2018

Who bit Beyonce? That's the mystery question, and comedian Tiffany Haddish knows the answer.

In a new interview with GQ Magazine, Haddish revealed a few things. One, she drinks turpentine as a remedy when she is sick. Crazy, but not as crazy as this.

She says she witnessed an actress bite Beyonce on the face.

Haddish tells GQ she saw this actress at a party back in December flirting with JZ at which point she says Beyonce intervened and got rid of the girl, but not before the girl bit her on her face.

She says she asked Beyonce if she should kick her butt, but Beyonce said, "no don't do that, that bitch is on drugs, she's not even drunk, she's on drugs, she's not like that all the time, just chill." 

Haddish first told that story at a comedy show in Jacksonville in January insinuating the biter was an actress who used to date hip-hop artist French Montana.

Ever since,  social media has been buzzing with who it was and yesterday this name surfaced, Sanaa Lathan.

She took to social media to deny tweeting out, "Y'all are funny, under no circumstances did I bite Beyonce and if I did it would've been a love bite."

So far Beyonce staying mum, at least for now.