OJ Simpson Hypothetically Confesses In Newly Released Interview

March 12, 2018

© Jason Bean-USA TODAY Sports

The mystery is over surrounding the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman after OJ Simpson's 2006 interview with Judith Regan aired last night.

In it we saw Simpson discussing, in some chilling detail, how the murders might have gone down.

So the question is, did he do it? Did he commit those murders?

If you watched, then you know he basically confessed.

In the two hour special, OJ Simpson The Lost Confession?, where he spoke candidly about his book, If I Did It, a fictionalized hypothetical confession to the murders.

Some of his answers are chilling, and for the first time, Simpson says he was accompanied by a friend named Charlie.

OJ goes on to recall exchanging words with Ron Goldman and the scene of the crime, and even the infamous glove.

The interview never aired back in 2006 when it was shot due to public backlash. Both Brown and Goldman's family objected as well.

This time they both gave their blessing to air it.

Social media went crazy with viewers writing "This is for sure a confession."

Sadly, because he was acquitted with double jeopardy, he can never be prosecuted again for these murders.