Police Called To Tori Spelling's Home

March 2, 2018

Yesterday police were called to 90210's Tori Spelling's Woodland Hills home after her husband, Dean McDermott, called 911 saying his wife was having a mental breakdown, was aggressive, and had snapped.

Maybe having five kids under the age of ten contributed to that breakdown. According to a source who spoke to People Magazine, Tori "can get stressed, noting that it isn't easy for her to juggle five young children at home" adding that last year had been a tough year for Tori.

LAPD officer, Rosario Herrea, said they received a call at 7:00am reporting a domestic situation, which she said ended up being a "domestic incident" and that no crime was committed.

This incident follows years of money woes and personal trials for the couple, including a cheating scandal and sex addiction, which resulted in McDermott entering a rehab.

On Wednesday, the night before this incident, Tori was with Bachelor alum, Corrine Olympios, shooting a Facebook digital video for TLC's new cooking show, Secrets In The Sauce, and TMZ got a hold of Corrine who said this about Tori: