13 Puppies That Tell Us Everything Will Be Okay

March 26, 2020

Take a break from the news and take a look at 13 furry babies that remind us how insanely incredible it is to share this Earth with amazing creatures!

1. Friendship knows no boundaries... or species.

2. Puppies make humans smile, but if we're good too, puppies smile back!

3. A puppy AND a Jonas brother? Swoon!

4. A napping puppy and horse, need we say more?

-- horsesclubb / Instagram pic.twitter.com/D4L4XSOaJ4-- Ascot Racecourse (@Ascot) March 23, 2020

5. Puppy vs. Puppy


7. Tipping fluffballs

8. Social distancing at its best

9. Free dachshund hugs? We're down!

10. A baby teaching a baby

11. Mood

12. Too cute. Can't handle it.

13. It's official, our hearts have melted!