Wisconsin Man Watches ‘Captain Marvel’ 116 Times to Break Guinness World Record

April 23, 2019

By Reanna Hilario

We didn't know there was a record to for most times someone has seen one movie, but apparently, there is. For Wisconsin man, Steve Ruppel, he knew all about it and decided to break it. The original record was set at 104 screenings. Ruppel knew that was what he had to beat and decided to break the record by watching 'Captain Marvel' 116 times. That equates to 12,268 minutes of movie watching.

To officially break the record, Ruppel said, "I have to have certain pictures taken, like in front of a movie poster, and I need to have two written witness statements saying that I was actually there. So I'm trying to think, if anyone wanted to break this, I really don't want to re-break it. Cause this has been pretty tough. It's been a finite amount of time, but I don't think I'm going to try this one again."

Ruppel has previously broken four Guinness records, one of them having run a half marathon while wearing the most number of shirts and the fastest time to drink 1 liter of gravy. Guinness records state he drank the gravy in 1 minute, 12.5 seconds.