Long-time broadcaster, sometime writer, wannabe director, occasional actor,
more-than-occasional voice actor, part-time banjo tuner and former tuna
canner Larry Morgan has managed to spend his entire career in radio and other
media somehow not pissing people off. So after years of being told to "not
talk so much" and "keep it short" he decide to Talk More and Go Longer with
some of those people. Having a natural curiosity for others who are creative
and how they got to where they are (obviously fueled by professional
jealousy) and honing in on the events, people, films, TV shows and books that
drove them to create - presented in a snarky, monkey-like way - is what this
podcast is all about. Live - laugh - learn - throw a little feces with us and
be an honorary Monkey as we bring the snark and go on this historic,
ground-breaking audio journey. (Really, it's not that big a deal, but it
should be fun.) -Larry Morgan
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