What Goes On Around Here? with Lisa Stanley

Lisa Stanley hosts What Goes on Around Here? As your resident rent-a-yenta, Lisa will tackle conflicts, issues and timely topics with celebrity guests, top experts and close friends. Got a problem? Lisa is ready to solve it in her no-nonsense "Lisa Style"...which means, she's willing to say out loud what you're only thinking.


#5 - From Show Biz to Shoe Biz

Thursday, July 5th
This week the Rent-A-Yenta, Lisa Stanley, talks fun, fashion and footwear - three of her favorite "f" words - with guests Leslie Gallin (President, Footwear -...

#3 - Taylor Dayne

Wednesday, June 20th
The Rent-A-Yenta Lisa Stanley and Wendy Burch welcome platinum recording artist Taylor Dayne ("Tell It To My Heart", "Love Will Lead You Back") currently on...

#2 - Lea Thompson & Madelyn Deutch

Thursday, June 14th
The Rent-A-Yenta Lisa Stanley talks with Lea Thompson (Back To The Future, Caroline in the City) and her daughter Madelyn Deutch about their movie "The Year of...

#1 - Joan Lunden

Wednesday, June 6th
Lisa Stanley, the resident Rent-A-Yenta, talks to Joan Lunden (Good Morning America) about her life changing moment with the diagnoses of breast cancer and...