What Goes On Around Here? with Lisa Stanley

K-Earth 101's very own Rent-A-Yenta Lisa Stanley chats with her famous and
not so famous friends to find out ‘What Goes On Around Here?‘ and in the
process if there are any conflicts Lisa will find a resolution in her
no-nonsense style.
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Society & Culture


#43 - Marissa Jaret Winokur

K-Earth 101's resident Rent-A-Yenta, Lisa Stanley brings in Tony award winning actress, Marissa Jaret Winokur to talk about everything from her personal life...

#42 - Eden Alpert

Best friend of K-Earth 101's Lisa Stanley, philanthropist, and daughter of Grammy Award winner Herb Alpert, Eden Alpert chats about her life. From co-owning...

#41 - Jordan Ogron

Rent-A-Yenta Lisa Stanley brings in the managing partner of the hottest new restaurant in Hollywood, Tesse! Jordon Ogron isn't only part owner of the french...

#40 - Sam Witwer

K-Earth 101's Rent-A-Yenta, Lisa Stanley talks with actor and musician Sam Witwer. Best known for playing "Crashdown" in Battlestar Galactica, followed by...

#39 - Nicole Maines

K-Earth 101's, Lisa Stanley chats with Nicole Maines, the first ever transgender actress to play a superhero! She may star as superhero Dreamer on the CW's...

#38 - Lucy Walsh

Rent-A-Yenta, Lisa Stanley welcomes actress, singer, songwriter, pianist and daughter of Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh, Lucy Walsh! They talk what life was like...