What Goes On Around Here? with Lisa Stanley

K-Earth 101's very own Rent-A-Yenta Lisa Stanley chats with her famous and not so famous friends to find out ‘What Goes On Around Here?‘ and in the process if there are any conflicts Lisa will find a resolution in her no-nonsense style.


#29 - Rick Negron

Rent-A-Yenta, Lisa Stanley is back with a royal guest this week, Rick Negron! Playing the new King George in the hit Broadway show “Hamilton," he is also a...

#28 - Phil Morris

K-Earth 101's, Rent-A-Yenta Lisa Stanley, welcomes actor Phil Morris to the show this week! Best known for his role as Jackie Chiles on Seinfeld or John Jones...

#27 - Eva LaRue

K-Earth 101's Rent-A-Yenta, Lisa Stanley sits down with one of her many famous friends, Eva LaRue! Not only is she known for her roles in "All My Children" and...

#25 - Harry T.

Whether you're a believer or not, Australian phychic medium Harry T. will blow your mind! He reads our Rent-A-Yenta, Lisa Stanley and just WAIT until you hear...