What Were They Thinking? with The KEARTH 101 Morning Show

Ever listen to your favorite radio morning show and think, "How did they come up with THAT?" Now you can eavesdrop behind the scenes as Gary Bryan, Lisa Stanley and the rest of the KEARTH Morning Show crew discuss that day's show and plan the topics, themes and stories for the next day. It's a sneak preview of what's to come.. and you may be surprised at how it all comes together!



Friday, June 22nd
Gary, Lisa, Brandon & Crystal recap Friday's show - like the occurence of "avocado hand" injuries. Real? Hmm? Gary tells the story about his rural peanut...


Thursday, June 21st
Gary, Lisa, Brandon & Crystal talk hot dog cannons (with raw wieners?!?!), duct tape, kimchi, Kim Kardashian, the dumbest city in America, and World Cup...


Wednesday, June 20th
Gary, Lisa, Brandon & Crystal discuss being "children of televsion" (were you?) and also plan for what they'll do tomorrow on a Throwback Thursday...


Tuesday, June 19th
Gary, Lisa, Brandon & Crystal give you an idea of what it's like to answer the phones at K-Earth in the morning; they compare notes on things they've...


Monday, June 18th
Gary, Lisa & crew talk about how things slow down on the phones during the summer; what's the last compliment you got; Lisa is now the Queen of Target! (in...


Thursday, June 14th
Lisa's back with Gary & the gang - and she just discovered restaurants have a 55+ menu! Get the lowdown on Oprah (and Gayle's) big cruise. AND, Maddie has...