Buy, You Will: The Baby Yoda Funko Pop Is Coming in 2020

It was only a matter of time (give or take a week) before Baby Yoda toys took over the galaxy. The real star of “The Mandalorian” now has his very own Funko Pop. The official Funko blog gave fans a first look at their adorable bobble-headed version of the green baby that stole millions of hearts...
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Disney+ Announces 'Star Wars' Game Show Hosted By Jar Jar Binks Actor

Disney+ is learning that there’s no such thing as too much “Star Wars” content. The streaming service has already invested a lot in the franchise with the successful series, “The Mandalorian,” and several Lucasfilm shows currently in development. However, their latest addition is a game show for...
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Starbucks Cup 2.0: See the ‘Thrones’-Level Blunder in the Latest 'Mandalorian' Episode

No one is safe from bloopers, not even Disney+’s latest masterpiece, “The Mandalorian.” The series had what social media is referring to as a “ Game of Thrones ” moment. No, a Starbucks cup wasn’t involved this time, but the gaffe is comparable. The moment in question happened at around the 16-...
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