What Were They Thinking


What Were They Thinking Podcast: Generational Pop Culture Moments & More Steamy Topics

The gang recalls watching Avatar and debates whether or not it was a memorable pop culture moment. Plus other big generational pop culture movies, bands, and shows. They also brush over the topic of whiny boyfriends and should you or should you NOT make the most money in a company? Listen in to...
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Chicken Laughs, McDonald's Answering Machine & Mexican Construction

The gang does a recap of some hilarious clips from this morning, some stories from the past, plus what is going on with the buildings in Mexico?! Listen in to find out and tomorrow morning be ready at 9:10 for Say It and Win!
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What Were They Thinking Podcast: Hierarchy of Royal Titles

Gary and the gang talk about the hierarchy of royal titles, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Andrew, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, their son Prince Archie and the rest of the royals!
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What Were They Thinking: The Forgotten Kennedy sister, Fruitarian-ism, Robin Williams, and more!

The gang is back on a music Monday with talks of the forgotten Kennedy sister that was lobotomized, Fruitarian-ism, stand-up comedy, Robin Williams, and more!
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What Were They Thinking Podcast: Lisa Dated a Dodger, Nigel Lythgoe Stops By + More

Gary and the gang recap this morning's topic about meeting Dodgers, including how Lisa dated one! Then Lisa explains Crystal and Brandon's respective dating "types" and Nigel Lythgoe of So You Think You Can Dance makes a surprise visit!
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What Were They Thinking Podcast: R Kelly Is Upset, Dodgers History + More

NSFW! Get ready for potty talk and lots of it! Gary and Brandon try to understand Lisa and Crystal's relationship with poop, then there's R. Kelly's crazy reason for being upset, and everyone's history with the LA Dodgers!
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What Were They Thinking Podcast: Inappropriate Work Attire, Kim Basinger's Agoraphobia + More

Gary, Lisa, Brandon and Crystal recap inappropriate work attire, tall women wearing heels, how the Queen avoids getting poisoned, Kim Basinger's agoraphobia and more!
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What Were They Thinking Podcast: Celebrity Sightings

The gang recaps animal encounters, Beyonce and Jay-Z being spotted at a popular restaurant, stories of the morning show crew meeting their idols, and more! ​
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What Were They Thinking Podcast: Camel Stories

No camels were harmed in the making of this episode!
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